Spain is the perfect country where you can build your dream home. So much so, that quite a few citizens of other countries decide to reside here, with the good climate and beautiful property available, being two powerful attractions. So, if you need to do some work to your property, read this article to find out how to search and choose a quality builder in Spain.

Tips for choosing a builder in Spain

A good company specialising in construction is essential, whether you are renovating an old property, adding an extension, changing the layout to make it more open-plan or even building from scratch. In Spain there are numerous options, with very different prices, so it is often difficult to tell one from the other. Furthermore, being in a foreign country you probably don’t know who you can trust. To have a good base, keep these tips in mind.

Spanish construction company or expat?

This is a question of great importance. You don’t have to rely solely on Spanish builders, but you can also consider foreign building companies based here. Both types offer you different advantages. A local construction company will better know the legislation and the weather requirements, but its staff may not be proficient in English. However, an expat constructor, which has been operating in the area for a couple of decades, should offer you the same results and, in addition, you could communicate effectively with them without any problems.

In the case that you choose an expat company, check that they are fully conversant with the current legislation, that they have the current building permits, they appear in the relevant records, and all their workers are legally employed and insured. Otherwise you could have problems with the local authorities both during or following completion of the build.

So, how can you find a quality builder in Spain?

Ideally, check on Internet search engines and review the possibilities offered within the town and province in which you reside. Make geo-located searches as well as checking listing websites like ThinkSpain and and you will find the main construction companies in that particular area. Thus, you can draw up a list with those that are the most interesting to you or that fit your needs.

Finding a builder you can trust

Once you have shortlisted a selection of building companies in Spain, ask to see their portfolio to check their latest works, which will give you an idea about the quality of their finishes and style. You can also ask for past customer references, and search for reviews in Google Business or Facebook, as well as check if they are listed on reviews websites such as Truspilot.

Experience is paramount

Quality results require an experienced company so try to find a builder in Spain with at least ten years in the business. That way, you should get the results you are looking for, with no significant delays and you will have the security that only an experienced professional offers. Of course, check the company’s qualifications on the Internet and any relevant accreditations, such as the TPC accreditation, which is mandatory for all Construction Industry workers in Spain, and that they appear in the records of each autonomous community, such as the REA (Registro de Empresas Acreditadas) for construction companies operating in the Andalucia region.

Building prices and budgets

This is a very important aspect, since it will affect the amount of money you want to use. To start, as a rule of thumb, the average cost per square meter for building in Spain 500€ per square meter for renovations, and 1000€ per square meter for a full build project. Of course, it depends on the quality of fixtures and fittings you choose, such as flooring, tiles, kitchen units etc, in which case both of those could easily double if you have very high standards!

You should request quotations from 3-5 building contractors and ask for a full detailed quotation before starting any work. In addition, try not to pay more than 8% deposit, and you should NEVER pay the full amount up-front otherwise you will be financing the build. It is recommended to include penalty clauses in the contract for delays to make sure the build does not go too far over-schedule. Most importantly you should confirm all works have been certified before making any final payment.

Liability insurance

It is imperative that the builders have their own public liability insurance. This insurance should cover any damages caused by third parties during construction, including professional fees.

List of recommended english speaking builders on the Costa del Sol

Among all the companies you can find, here are some english speaking builders on the Costa del Sol that we recommend:

Otero Group
Cyprian Construct
Urbania International

In short, when choosing a construction company in Spain, do not hesitate to follow these tips. After all, you are playing with your future comfort and security. Try to thoroughly review the options and always choose the one that suits you best.